Redondo Beach is the largest of the beach cities in the South Bay. It is distinctly divided into two sections, South Redondo and North Redondo, with the boundary at 190th St which turns into Anita St between Prospect Ave. and PCH, and then Herondo St. on the West side of Pacific Coast Highway.

Many residents choose North Redondo because a large area of it along Aviation Blvd. sits adjacent to Manhattan Beach, and it is easy to get to main commuter routes from North Redondo. South Redondo is less densely populated and enjoys wider streets with ample parking, but can sometimes lengthen the typical commute into Downtown Los Angeles by as much as 20 minutes. South Redondo is home to Redondo Union High School which services all residents of the City of Redondo Beach.
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The Esplanade is Redondo Beach's "Strand". Many properties along The Esplanade in South Redondo Beach enjoy beachfront style living similar to that of the nearby Strand in Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach. A small mixture of condominiums, townhomes, apartments and single family homes can be found "cliff side" along the west side of the street. These properties enjoy sweeping views of the South Bay that extend from Catalina Island north to the Pacific Palisades. Much of this area was once the site of the Hotel Redondo, the sister hotel to the famed Hotel del Coronado in San Diego. The Hotel Redondo was demolished in 1925. Veteran's Park next to The Pier was once a part of the Hotel Redondo grounds.

Many properties on the east side of the street also enjoy unblockable views. A handful of properties have peek-a-boo views due to their location on the east side of The Esplanade. A large stretch along The Esplanade is a public walkway with numerous access points to the beach below. Locals call the southernmost end of the beach "RAT" beach with stands for "Right At Torrance" beach. It is where Redondo Beach meets the small strip of sand that belongs to the City of Torrance. The tradition of a privately funded fourth of July fireworks show has been enjoyed for years is being carried on by Pedone's Pizza in the Redondo Village. Homes along The Esplanade enjoy a front row seat to this festive display.

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The Hollywood Riviera is referred to as South Redondo because the Post Office that serves that section is located within the 90277 zip code (South Redondo), however, these homes are actually in the City of Torrance. Residents in the Hollywood Riviera attend Torrance schools, including South High School. Because of the proximity to the Riviera Village and the beach, Hollywood Riviera residents capture the best of South Redondo living with a slight advantage in home pricing for being within the bounds of The City of Torrance 

The Hollywood Riviera is divided into the Upper Riviera and the Lower Riviera. Many Upper Riviera homes capture stunning ocean views, while some of the Lower Riviera homes do as well. The Lower Riviera homes are closest in walking distance to the beach and to the Riviera Village, which is at the heart of activity, dining and shopping in South Redondo Beach. The Lower Riviera is located west of Palos Verdes Blvd. and South of Miramar Park. The Upper Riviera begins east of Palos Verdes Blvd. and south of Pacific Coast Highway.

Homes that lie West of Pacific Coast Highway starting South of Herondo/Anita St. and extending through to Palos Verdes Blvd. are considered part of MLS area 157. This narrow strip of South Redondo is mainly divided by Catalina Avenue which runs all the way south into The Riviera Village. 

It is along this strip that some of the most sought after homes in the area can be found along what is referred to as "The Lower Avenues" (Avenue A through Avenue H). The Lower Avenues fetch a premium because of their large, flat lots, their wider streets, and the proximity to the beach, convenient shopping and dining options, as well as the nearby Village. The fact they rarely come up for sale also keeps savvy buyers always watching for an opportunity to purchase in the Lower Avenues.

Redondo Beach homes South of Torrance Blvd., in the MLS area known as 156, run from the East side of PCH eastward to Prospect Ave. and South to Palos Verdes Blvd. In this area, the "alphabet streets" (also known as "The Upper Avenues") are highly sought after for their larger lots, tree-lined streets and proximity to the beach and The Village. Some homes in The Upper Avenues can catch an ocean view. Many enjoy riding bikes to these areas, especially to attend the Farmer's Market and year-round events in the Village such as the Village Runner's annual July 4th 5k run.

The Avenues start on the north end at Avenue A and continue south to Avenue G. Avenue F is largely populated by multi-family units and apartment buildings. Avenue E, Avenue F and Avenue G along with three other Avenues enjoy a gently curving tree-lined layout, rather than the traditional grid layouts of the lower and upper Avenues. Residents in this area are zoned to attend Tulita Elementary school.

In MLS area 155, located East of PCH and north of Torrance Blvd. is the part of South Redondo that is considered more "central" for it's ease of access into Hermosa Beach and south into the deeper parts of South Redondo. There is a mix of townhome complexes, two and three-on-a- lot townhomes, and single family homes in this area. There are two small, charming sections of registered historic homes in this area. One in the 500 block of N Gertruda Ave and one along the 500 block of Garnet St. These homes are among a handful located throughout South Redondo that are protected by The Mills Act and can offer significant tax breaks for homeowners.

Much of the area lies on either side of Redondo Union High School, the second largest public high school campus in California on over 56 acres that begins at PCH and extends all the way east to Prospect Ave. South Redondo's middle school, Parras Middle sits a block away from the high school. The two elementary schools that service this area, Beryl Heights and Alta Vista are also close by. For this, many families enjoy living in area 155 for ease of access to the schools and the ability of kids to safely walk to school. 

The Golden Hills area of North Redondo Beach is generally agreed to be among the most desired real estate in North Redondo. The fact that the area borders Hermosa Beach, parts of Manhattan Beach and South Redondo Beach makes this neighborhood the perfect trifecta. This is the smallest of the MLS areas in North Redondo Beach; when homes come up for sale in this area they generally see mutliple offers and low days on market. 

Locals refer to this area as where the "tall-and-skinnys" are. This is a reference to the style of home that was built here in the mid-to-late 70s, when developers took advantage of being able to split 50 ft wide lots into 25 ft wide lots, thereby doubling their investment potential. Narrow, two-story single family homes were constructed on these smaller lots. The Golden Triangle consists mainly of this house style along with traditional single level and two story homes, with a few duplexes and triplexes peppered throughout. 

The popularity of this area grew when Jefferson Elementary school became the first of the Redondo Unified elementary schools to perform at top state levels. The majority of homes within the Golden Triangle are zoned to attend Jefferson Elementary. Over the years, nearby Beryl Heights (in South Redondo) met and even exceeded Jefferson's success rate, which was quickly followed by Alta Vista and Tulita elementary schools in South Redondo and Birney Elementary in North Redondo. It is safe to say schools in these areas are exceptional academically. 

Homes north of Artesia Blvd., East of Aviation Blvd, South of Marine Ave., and West of Inglewood Ave. are located within MLS area 151. The area is largely populated by two or three-on-a-lot style townhomes, some with a front or back yard. Home prices can vary amongst this style of property based on variables such as who the builder was, if is it a middle unit, if it has any yard area, if it is a detached or attached unit, if there is an active HOA, etc. There are two elementary schools in this neighborhood, Lincoln Elementary and Madison Elementary. Middle school aged children attend Adams Middle School and move on to Redondo Union High School.An HOA can be common on a two-or-three-on-a-lot townhome. Generally they run an average of $150 a month and they cover things like insurance for the common area (driveway and exterior areas of the lot) and sometimes, if attached, homeowners will build a small reserve between the units for future items such as termite tenting, painting or roof repairs. Over the years some homeowners have dissolved the HOA but still maintain a shared utility and/or insurance bill privately between property owners.

There is a small section of single family homes on larger lots in this area called the TRW tract, which lies East of Vail Ave. and North of Robinson St. Homes in this section are on gently curving, tree-lined streets and are within walking distance to nearby Glenn Anderson Park. Aviation Park is adjacent to this neighborhood and offers a public jogging track and sports field. Many popular food trucks are known to gather in the parking lot at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center and the city welcomes an annual fair at this location. 

MLS area 152 is that section of North Redondo Beach referred to as Villas South. These homes lie in a triangular boundary that starts East of the Golden Hills area at Harkness Ave. and cuts off along the north at Aviation Blvd. while following Ripley Ave. to where the two intersect and become Redondo Beach Blvd. This area is zoned for more multi-family properties than Villas North. Townhomes are prevalent in this area. Many of Redondo Beach's first time buyers can break into homeownership in this area. Residents enjoy the ease of access to major commuter routes from Villas South and while also being close to shopping along the Artesia corridor.Residents of this neighborhood attend award winning Birney Elementary school or Washington Elementary school. The school boundary cut offs between zoning for Birney and Washington are at Clark lane, Rindge Ln. at Clark Ln., the North side of Grant Ave to Mackaw Ln. and Ornand in the Golden Triangle area. All students in this area attend Adams Middle School and Redondo Union High School.

The El Nino section of North Redondo Beach starts Southeast of Ripley Ave and ends at the 190th St border. It is bordered to the east by Inglewood Ave. with the exception of a small pocket near El Nido Park that belongs to the City of Torrance. This quaint neighborhood is made up of primarily original homes that average 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, some of which have been added to or remodeled over the years. These homes typically have large backyards and are set back from the main street providing for nice front yard areas. Residents enjoy being close to Target and upscale shopping at the South Bay Marketplace.

The neighborhood's many parks and open green areas are appreciated by residents. The campuses of both Adams Middle School and Washington elementary school are adjacent to one another, offering a broad, open space, fields and playgrounds. Most residents of this area enjoy being within walking distance to school. 
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