Shorewood Realtors was once the real estate powerhouse brokerage in the South Bay markets of Los Angeles County; a brand that was widely favored by long time area locals. Started in 1969, the independent brokerage quickly dominated the local beach cities markets of Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach and the surrounding South Bay cities from El Segundo to Palos Verdes. At it's most successful, Shorewood Realtors was home to over 450 local real estate agents, operated nine offices and consistently ranked #1 for both units sold and sales volume; an accomplishment for a home-grown real estate firm competing against national brands such as ReMax and Century 21 which were dominating forces in the 1980s and '90s. Shorewood's strength in numbers was due in large part to the fact that the market's top three agents, who combined sold over 1/3 of the local market each year, hung their licenses with the locally trusted brand. 

After 45 years of operation, in 2014, Shorewood Realtors was purchased from the original owners, who all faced retirement, by Roger Herman of Denver, CO. Promising growth and expansion, Herman's announcement quickly met challenges when a number of disgruntled Shorewood agents that disagreed with the sale and change of ownership almost immediately jumped to local competitor brokerages. Shorewood's top seeded agents remained loyal to the intentions of the original owners as Herman's transition into ownership took hold. 

In July of 2016, after just two years, Roger Herman who had located to Manhattan Beach in 2014, moved back to Colorado and subsequently filed for bankruptcy protection while insisting that the company was not in any financial difficulty. Herman's company owed over $500,000 in commissions to 26 agents when the Chapter 11 filing was announced. 13 days later, two of the top three Shorewood agents discreetly withdrew from the company, taking with them over $300,000,000 in sales volume combined.

One of those agents was Dave Caskey.

Caskey chose to align his business with recently formed Strand Hill Properties of Christie's International Real Estate, citing their international presence as a boutique luxury brokerage as a "better fit for me and my clients". Leaving Shorewood was a difficult move for Dave Caskey and his wife Jennifer, who had been working with Shorewood since high school. All together, Dave totalled 23 years as a Shorewood-affiliated agent, while Jennifer worked there as an agent for 27 years.

Jennifer and Dave moved their team from Shorewood Realtors to Strand Hill Properties where it blossomed and flourished under the global luxury brand, ending 2017 with the highest sales volume at the brokerage and market-wide, closing over $230,000,000 in sales volume. The Caskey & Caskey team is now 21 members strong and they are on track to record over 100 transactions in 2018, again exceeding $230,000,000 in sales volume for 2018. 

Shorewood Realtors is no longer operating in the South Bay. All of the Shorewood Realtors agents have moved on to different brokerages throughout the South Bay, with the majority of the top performing agents now at Strand Hill Properties. Herman kept the rights to the Shorewood name and is operating a brokerage in Loveland, Colorado under the name "Shorewood Real Estate".