When asked to speak alongside our respected fellow Realtor and friend, Stephanie Younger, at the 2018 C.A.R. Expo in Long Beach this month, we couldn't have been more honored than to have team leader, Dave Caskey of Strand Hill Properties, share his thoughts on building a team real estate brand that works in harmony with the brokerage. It was an interesting session as we were able to compare and contrast the broad scope Compass model against that of an independent, local, boutique model such as our own at Strand Hill Properties, where both models offer strong cases for exercising and exploring effective team branding. 

In an era where the brokerage model itself is currently undergoing an evolutionary experience and the team model has grown in strength so much so that an entire day-long track was dedicated to Team Domination at the state sponsored convention for realtors, determining the best bath for establishing a team brand within the rules of the brokerage should be the starting point for any newly forming team. Larger teams are quickly taking on the support roles of a mini brokerage or a brokerage-within-a brokerage. Marketing, advertising and managing costs are to be considered as well as ongoing education and coaching of the team members. Working within the top brokerage names in our market, we have a great relationship with our broker, who encourages our growth and the market's awareness of our team brand.

Other take-aways from the Expo event in Long Beach were a very informative session on how to deal with such issues as real estate licensing law as a team, advertising rules, broker supervision, employment law hazards, protecting you team name (if you can), contractual and commission disputes, and breaking up. 

A fun interlude was listening to former Dodger, Steve Garvey, talk about having the home team advantage and what that could mean for your team philosophy, and of course the numerous products and ideas to discover on the exhibitor's floor are always a great way to gauge where your team's performance lies among the competition. 

There is always something to be learned and we are grateful for the California Association of Realtors to dedicate so much energy to keeping its members informed and inspired by hosting such a great event each year. 

(Photo from session with moderator Laura Monroe and Stephanie Younger, Realtor and Dave Caskey, Realtor)