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A FIRST LOOK INSIDE THE SUNSET MAGAZINE  2014 IDEA HOUSEWe typically post on Fridays what we think are some cool things to do in the area over the weekend. This weekend the local real estate buzz is all about the opening of the Sunset Magazine 2014 Idea House in Manhattan Beach. We think this is a definite “MUST SEE” item this weekend if you are in the area looking for something to do! #sunsetideahouse

The first in Los Angeles/Southern California, this year’s Sunset Magazine Idea House is located at 111 S. Meadows in Manhattan Beach and features the latest interior design themes and landscape design. Masterfully built by local builders at Mike Davis Custom Homes, the Idea House is available to tour every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm now through Sept. 7, 2014. The Sunset Magazine 2014 Idea House: A First Look — Caskey & Caskey toured the Sunset Magazine 2014 Idea House in Manhattan Beach. Here’s our feedback. There’s something for everyone here: the DIY-ers, real estate buffs, current home buyers in the market, current home sellers reviewing competitive features in homes, garden enthusiasts, new home owners seeking remodel ideas, home fashionistas, real estate stagers, and more . . . The Caskey & Caskey Team was able to take a tour today of the Sunset Magazine 2014 Idea House in East Manhattan Beach, as today was the Opening Day of tours to the public. As local Realtors, we could recognize right away the signature design characteristics that local architect Louis Tomaro of the Tomaro Design Group brings to his concepts. Boldly stated lines, mixed with both the soft textures of wood and light, blend with the strong presence of concrete and steel to present an overwhelmingly welcoming yet commanding entryway.  The large lot allows for the home to be set back enough to provide ample space for the landscape architects at Masterpeace Gardens to create an inviting entryway setting that’s simple yet complex, and lush, yet drought resistant. A tall natural stone water feature gently sets the tone for the residential retreat that waits inside. What we can summarize into one thought is that the Idea House is a house of contrasts; a harmonious blend of light and dark complimented by form and function that is both formal and casual. The over two-story tall entryway is filled with height and natural light, immediately setting the tone for what you hope to find inside this impressive home.  Gorgeous white oak floors stretch throughout the home providing durable, fashionable flooring that enhances the open feel of the floorplan. When we asked if we should remove our shoes, we were told the floors could endure the worst wear and invited to tour on through with shoes on. Realtors in Manhattan Beach get to tour some spectacular properties throughout Manhattan Beach on a regular basis, so certain things about the Idea House definitely stood out in different ways to us than they might to the general public. What was most striking to us on this tour was how the interior designers at DISC have literally re-assigned how we use spaces that are typically found in floor plans commonly built here in Manhattan Beach over the last 10-12 years. What we noted was how the space that very commonly is used as the formal living room was transformed into a dining area, and taken even one step further past the traditional, formal dining rooms of customary Thanksgiving dinners past–creating instead a “social house” setting with a beautiful, long artesian table as a focal point for elegant communal dining, yet paired with humble, casual seating. A pair of simple but statuesque windows embraces the area where traditionally a fireplace would anchor as a focal point in a formal living room. The lofty dining area flows right into the space to the West that has often been used in the past as the formal dining area; completely flip-flopping how these rooms are generally used here in the area. The DISC designers have carried the conversation out of the dining area into a cozy and functional gathering space. What we love is the blend of textures between these rooms, which connects them while also establishing very distinct rooms of the house. On the main level of the home is one of the bedroom suites which the designers have staged as a home office that opens to the rest of the house by way of generous, white barn doors. The kitchen and what we normally utilize as the family room naturally gives way to the resort styled backyard area by way of a giant wall of disappearing doors in both the living space and the kitchen area.  Not only does this invite the outdoors in, but we all shared the same reaction when experiencing this space: it most definitely gives the impression of utilizing the ENTIRE lot as living space. Easily transitioning between indoors and outdoors, the two spaces complement each other from every vantage point. Re-visiting the indoors for a moment: the designers have placed the emphasis on the formal entertaining here in what we are apt to call the family room. We could now call this area the “formal living room”. Though outside of what we are accustomed to, it makes perfect sense in the Idea House; the outdoor space could easily accommodate a proper cocktail party as well as it could be downshifted to a low-key birthday celebration, thus utilizing the “formal space” on a day to day basis more regularly than we tend to do now in similar floor plans. The kitchen seems to have been quietly put away in this home, with appliances blending seamlessly into the backdrop and the focus being on the kitchen playing an essential role in the overall design with less attention on its true function as a workspace. Don’t confuse the thought: the dual dishwashers, fully extending soft-close drawers and what the designers are calling a “mixology room” [formally known as the butler’s pantry], along with energy saving state of the art appliances (and more) lend to nothing but an ultra-modern, cutting edge culinary environment. [metaslider id=3833] The designers at Sunset and Masterpeace Gardens have truly created a private oasis right here in the heart of the LA Beach scene. In a beach town, land is a coveted commodity and the use of space in the yard cannot be overlooked. Combining shaded seating and dining areas with a sunken social center accented by living gardens truly lends to calling the entire yard space an “outdoor living room”. Sunset Magazine Idea House 2014 PoolWhat we were most dazzled by was the pool area. As beautiful a setting as any luxury resort, and again offering a lesson in contrasts; rather than being sunken down into the lot, this pool not only functions as recreation, but as a giant, artistic water feature that commands attention. The infinity edge pool stands elevated above ground skirted by a recirculating water trough that allows the pool to act also as a waterfall.  Step right into the shallow sundeck area where you can sunbathe in the cool water or take a direct plunge into the depths of the pool. The designers opted to create an experiential space by changing the elevations throughout the backyard, giving it the feeling of acting as the grounds of a sprawling estate style home. SEARCH NEW HOMES FOR SALE SIMILAR TO THE IDEA HOUSE

The elevated planters not only maximize lot sq. ftg., they provide an artistic and ergonomic way to display a living, working garden.

The elevated planters not only maximize lot sq. ftg., they provide an artistic and ergonomic way to display a living,working garden.

There was even more to talk about on the upper level, but we truly believe you need to experience this homein person to get a sense for what is on the horizon in the 2015 home design and décor scene. We enjoyed the designers’ choices in layering colors, textures and textiles throughout, as well as how they blended high end collector pieces with convertible accents. The Sunset Idea House Staff is encouraging photos of the home and are asking visitors to post their photos to their social media sites with the hashtag #sunsetideahouse for a chance to win some cool prizes! TEN THINGS WE LOVED ABOUT THE 2014 IDEA HOUSE

  1. The entire entryway experience
  2. The re-assigning of room space
  3. The wall of disappearing doors
  4. The raised living gardens and drought resistant landscape
  5. The luxurious, elevated pool area
  6. The blend of textures and finishes throughout
  7. The state of the art home venting system
  8. The numerous skylights & natural light
  9. The hidden appliances and fully extending cabinet drawers
  10. The master bathroom floor tiles