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Manhattan Beach

  Until 1980, when it was annexed by Manhattan Beach and became part of the Sand Section, the small neighborhood of El Porto was just another unincorporated chunk of Los Angeles County. Locals called the El Porto section of Manhattan Beach “Dodge City” for its Wild West approach to zoning (lots of bars), law (lots of drugs), and real estate (lots of subdivided, probably-not-to-code rentals). Today, the El Porto section of Manhattan Beach (aka North Manhattan Beach) remains irresistible to surfers and vacationers, but the community has mostly left its raucous youth behind. Longtime residents and new arrivals are proud to call El Porto home. Local hangouts include the North End Caffe, The Local Yolk, Pancho’s, OB’s Pub & Grill as well as several sushi and seafood restaurants. For more on El Porto, read  “A Line in the Sand,” a great article by Rich Thomas for Our South Bay and  “Memories of an El Porto childhood” (Part I and Part II) by local artist Don Spencer for the Easy Reader. For Manhattan Beach history, turn to the fascinating books by former mayor Jan Dennis.