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It’s already October, which means we’ve kicked off our 3rd Annual Pinking Up the Towncampaign to raise Breast Cancer Awareness and support local cancer programs! Well, not literally, but you’ll start to notice pinkCaskey & Caskey signs throughout the South Bay, along with our marketing materials going pink. So why pink? Well, October is officially Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and we’re part of the movement to raise awareness about this disease and how we can fight against it.

Raising Awareness About Breast Cancer In The South Bay

One way or another, everyone can be impacted by breast cancer. Our team at Caskey & Caskey, just like many of you, all have personal experience with breast cancer, whether it’s through friends, family, or colleagues. We realized that, together, we could all make a conscious effort during this time of the year to do our part, help bring awareness to the importance of fighting breast cancer and involve as many others as we can in this cause.

As a team, we realize that we love what we do because we love where we are. The South Bay is a collection of truly beautiful, amazing cities filled with amazing people. Unfortunately, there are those in our own backyard who have to deal in some way, shape, or form with breast cancer, and we need to give them a voice. By Pinking Up The Town, we’re hoping that any woman in the community will be reminded about the importance of self-examinations, and how important it is to educate young women and girls in the community to make exams part of their health routine.

We want to see the South Bay thrive, along with every resident here. As a more direct means of giving back, Caskey & Caskey chooses to donate to Cancer Support Community- Redondo Beach, and to Chemocessories. These organizations are local, the work they do has a direct effect on our community, and continue to raise awareness while helping those who have been directly impacted by breast cancer.

Caskey & Caskey is pledging, for our 3rd year in a row, to donate a portion of commissions earned in the month of October to directly benefit local cancer support programs.

We invite you to join Caskey & Caskey by Pinking Up The Town in your own way, and spending some time to educate those around you about breast cancer, the dangers of it, and how others can help give back to the community at large. Even the smallest kindness can make the largest difference.