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WHY PINK?? — We’re Pinking Up The Town this October for Breast Cancer Awareness!This October, Caskey & Caskey are proud to announce our Pinking Up The Town program in support of breast cancer awareness and support.

CLICK HERE to learn about our 2nd Annual Awareness Drive starting Oct. 1, 2015!VICTORIES AND LOSS. It’s a heavy-hearted fact that breast cancer touches each and every one of us. On the heels of both an emotional funeral of a close friend and a victory over breast cancer of another friend just last month, one of our team members came to us and asked how we could apply our work in real estate to make an impact on the important issue of breast cancer. After discussing as a team how we can continue to contribute to our community in important and meaningful ways, we realized that each and every one of us has a story of a close friend or loved one that has been affected by breast cancer. Some have survived and some have been lost to us. Talking further, we agreed that if there was any way we could make a difference here locally, in our own backyard, we would want to work towards that goal as a team. We shared stories of friends, family members, colleagues, people in our community, neighbors — and we realized it was all too close to home. Then an idea was born . . .

Our pink signs serve as reminders to book those important mammograms!

HOPE. In order to spread awareness, we are Pinking Up The Town by turning our business pink. Every real estate sign, every ad, every flyer, everything we can think of will go pink for the month of October. Our hope is that women in our community who see our signs or ads will be reminded to perform regular breast exams and to book those mammogram appointments. Our hope is that through these subtle reminders, lives are saved. Throughout the month of October, every new listing and/or purchase through Caskey & Caskey will result in a financial contribution toCancer Support Community – Redondo Beach. Our hope is that our October sales can significantly contribute to the ongoing work of the dedicated people and programs at Cancer Support Community – Redondo Beach. SUPPORT. This summer our brokerage, Shorewood Realtors, was a major supporter of the successful Walk With Sally – White Light, White Night event. Shorewood, along with hundreds of other major supporters raised a record breaking funding amount for the ongoing success of their program, tailored towards supporting children and families who have endured the loss of a loved one to cancer. Inspired by the local focus of the Walk With Sally group, Caskey & Caskey elected to dedicate our 2014 Pinking Up The Town efforts on supporting the Cancer Support Community – Redondo Beach. Cancer Support Community – Redondo Beach provides free support groups to cancer patients, cancer survivors and those transitioning from the loss of a loved one. Located at 109 W. Torrance Blvd in Redondo Beach, the center offers many different programs for people of all ages, in all stages. Because their services are free, continuing aid and financial support is vital to the ongoing success of their important programs. We are pleased to report that as of this posting, we already have two new real estate transactions in the month of October contributing to Cancer Support Community – Redondo Beach; 544 Marine Ave in Manhattan Beach and 111 S. Meadows in Manhattan Beach.

A portion of the sale of this home will go towards befitting the programs at Cancer Support Community - Redondo Beach

A portion of the sale of this home will go towards benefitting the programs at Cancer Support Community – Redondo Beach

AWARENESS. By Pinking Up The Town, we encourage every woman in our close-knit community here in the South Bay to book your mammograms, perform your self-exams, educate your daughters, and take an extra moment to reach out and touch someone you know affected by breast cancer. The smallest forms of kindness can make the largest difference. RESOURCES.

Why Pink?This posting and our team’s October efforts are dedicated to the memory of Erin Williams Hyman as well as to the victories of the following survivors: Peggy Farr, Jenny Silva, Maria Paz Sulit, Erlinda Eisma