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Why Pink?

  This October, you may be asking WHY PINK? as you see our signs and marketing around Manhattan Beach turn pink. In 2014, Caskey and Caskey kicked off our 1st annual Breast Cancer Awareness drive to encourage awareness and support right here in our community. You may recall seeing our pink signs on our listings, or our pink ads in the paper. We dedicated a portion of sales proceeds from ANY home we  listed or sold in the month of October to the local Cancer Support Community based in Redondo Beach. By donating a significant amount to the Cancer Support Community last year, we were able to dedicate two leaves on the Tree of Life, located in the Redondo Beach center; one dedicated to the memory of a friend claimed in 2014 and another in celebration of a victorious journey that same year. Why-Pink-Conclusion-for-webTHE STORY. It’s a heavy-hearted fact that breast cancer touches each and every one of us.  This all came about because, as a team, we were comparing personal experiences with breast cancer in our lives and realized each of us had been touched in one way or another by this disease. We then asked ourselves how we could apply our work in real estate to make an impact on the important issue of breast cancer. Talking further, we agreed that if there was any way we could make a difference here locally, in our own backyard, we would want to work towards that goal as a team. We shared stories of friends, family members, colleagues, people in our community, neighbors — and realized this issue is all too close to home. THE PLAN. This year we hope to double our efforts, increase the awareness and earn more leaves on the Tree. It’s simple: any new business earned by the Caskey & Caskey Team in the month of October will qualify to contribute to the awareness fund that will be donated this year between both the Cancer Support Community and Chemocessories.Both are local organizations that provide support right here in the heart of our community, providing a direct impact on those who are journeying through their own breast cancer experiences, as well as their loved ones and friends. Cancer Support Community – Redondo Beach provides free support groups to cancer patients, cancer survivors and those transitioning from the loss of a loved one. Located at 109 W. Torrance Blvd in Redondo Beach, the center offers many different programs for people of all ages, in all stages. Because their services are free, continuing aid and financial support is vital to the ongoing success of their important programs. Chemocessories is s a small, local non-profit based right here in Manhattan Beach. Their mission is to help those dealing with the effects of treatment by gathering scarves, jewelry, turbans and more and creating personalized sets that are then given to women undergoing treatment in order to help patients hold on to their strength and sense of themselves while undergoing chemotherapy. Of course, there is no obligation to buy or sell with us this month in order to help support. You can email Chemocessories to make a personal contribution directly and/or reach out to Cancer Support Community-Redondo Beach to do the same. The goal is to raise awareness, protect health, educate all women and do what we can to help this exceptional cause. AWARENESS. By Pinking Up The Townwe hope by seeing our pink signs every woman in our close-knit community here in the South Bay will be reminded to book those mammograms, educate their daughters about the importance of self-monitoring, and take an extra moment to reach out and touch someone you know affected by breast cancer. The smallest forms of kindness can make the largest difference.

Our pink signs serve as reminders to book those important mammogram appointments!

Our pink signs serve as reminders to book those important mammogram appointments!

Make an appointment now! – Breast Diagnostic Center, Torrance MemorialTHE FUTURE. Our success with our Why Pink campaign last year caught the eye of other Realtors in the area and we were asked if they could also join in this year’s efforts. As Realtors, we have incredible visual capabilities for spreading this message and increasing awareness. Our hope is to inspire more and more agents to join us in the month long effort and to also contribute to organizations of their choosing in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. Every effort starts with a first step, and we are humbled by the desire for others to join us. Our hope is to set off a chain of inspiration and to encourage the real estate community as a whole to join us this year and in years to come so we can really make an impact right here, where it counts, at home. To our grandmothers, our mothers, our sisters, our cousins and our friends . . . this effort is for you. RESOURCES.