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There are probably some of you out there that have given some real thought to a career in real estate. It does have a lot of appeal, especially from the outside looking in. However, there is a lot more to it than just showing a few houses here and there. Besides day to day tasks, there are some intangible qualities that any realtor should have.


The real estate market waits for no one. New properties are going to be added nearly every day, and they can always sell fast depending on the time of year or if the right situation presents itself. An agent who is representing a particular property needs to be reaching out to their peer network as a means of promoting the location. In terms of helping a client find a new home, this also takes a lot of work and setting up appointments, performing inspections, and evaluating the pros and cons of any home. There is a certain relentlessness required on behalf of any agent if they want to be successful in this field because the competition is so prevalent. When you’re dealing with something like real estate where clients are investing a large amount of money, only the best manage to stick around.


Given that the market itself is so hectic and a realtor might need to represent multiple clients at any given time, organizational skills are probably some of the most important aspects of the role. Even in one day, a realtor could be showing one property, touring another, all while performing normal day to day tasks. Falling behind or missing out on some key information can be the difference between a sold property or one that’s still on the market. Being able to navigate a busy (seemingly hectic) schedule is just part of being a successful realtor.


Even though real estate itself is based in property management and sales, you’re rarely going to come across a realtor who isn’t a good people person. Dealing with clients (old and new), other agents, contractors, financial managers, decorators, and any other relevant parties can’t be done without a smile and a firm handshake. There is something to be said about people who can have a conversation with anyone, and who can seamlessly blend into any given situation. Realtors need to be able to put people at ease, especially in the selling or buying process. If you’re the party who is going to be spending a lot of money, you might be prompted to make a decision based on emotion more than rational reasoning. Having someone by your side that can help set you straight and keep you on track is of huge value.


Even though it may seem obvious, approaching every situation with a positive attitude is going to go a long way in the business. This is how you build worthwhile relationships with your clients and others in the industry. It’s also the foundation for trust, and will encourage more people to work with you in the future. As your reputation grows, this is something that will stand out