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Whether your family has grown and you need to move into a bigger place, or you’re relocating to an entirely new city, selling your current home is a big undertaking for any family. If you’ve had your family in one household for a long time, suddenly picking up and leaving it all behind is certainly a bizarre emotional experience, not to mention a huge logistical task. How do you go about selling your house to the right people? What sort of price should you be listing it at? Do you need to fix anything up or just sell as is? These are all important questions, and while not all of them have a simple answer, here are a few tips to help.


There is so much involved with actually selling a house that it would be ill-advised to go about the process without working alongside an experienced realtor. Many of the questions presented above can be answered by a realtor that you hire, but the circumstances will vary depending on the situation. You can always do some research online and find someone who you think you will work well with. Also, talk to friends, neighbors, or coworkers about anyone they’ve used in the past, as their experiences can lend some insight to what it will be like to work with them.


When you plan on having an open house in order to show your property to potential buyers, the way you set up the home is going to make a big difference. The idea is to let buyers seem themselves in the house, and envision what it could be like living there themselves. This means doing some level of redecorating. Firstly, as much as possible, try to remove large collections of family photos, and maybe replace with generic art. This is something your realtor will often have access to for these short tem occasions. Also, you want to rearrange furniture to make rooms feel as spacious and open as possible. Even though you might have a particular set up in your living room that works for you and your family, the idea is to make it as inviting to everyone else, again, so they can picture themselves in this space.


Another thing that you really need a realtor’s help with in the selling process has to do with the initial listing price of the property. This is the way that it’s going to appear on the market, and be viewed by any potential buyers. First impressions go beyond just someone seeing the house in person. If the listing price is too high, it might scare off some people, especially if it’s a reach compared to the valuation. If the price is too low, you’ll have a lot of very interested people, but you might soon realize that you could have had it higher. You won’t just as easily be able to ask those people for more money. A realtor will help you find a listing price that is, for lack of a better term, ‘just right’. This will engage potential buyers, while also making it clear that the buyers might need to make higher offers if they really want to get their hands on the house.