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Anytime you’re trying to buy or sell a house, you’re probably going to be partnered up with a realtor. For a lot of people, they may have worked with someone in the past who they can reach out to again. However, others may be selling a home for the first time, or moving to an entirely different part of the country. When that happens, finding the right realtor to partner up with is so important. Here is some information about finding a realtor, and also what sort of qualities you should expect them to have.


If it’s been awhile since you needed to work alongside someone in the real estate industry, some might argue it’s much easier nowadays to find help than in the past. A lot of agents still utilize more ‘traditional’ means of advertising, but a quick Google search will provide a ton of information. You can see different agents, their listings, and even check out reviews from people who have worked with them in past. Also, don’t forget to reach out to friends, colleagues, or other family about people they’ve used in the past. If they had a great experience, they’ll probably point you in the right direction to find someone who can help you too.


Any realtor you ultimately work with needs to be a great communicator. This goes beyond just making small talk though. So much information is exchanged between various parties across different mediums, and any realtor needs to be versatile in this regard. They need to be able to convey information to you in an understandable way, and make sure that they’re staying in touch as well. Buying or selling a home can sometimes come down to key decisions being made in a short window of time. You want your realtor to be able to get you the relevant information so you can be as up to date as possible when it matters most.


Even though it is a lucrative profession, a lot of people try their hand in real estate but aren’t able to make a full time career out of it. Realtor’s are essentially paid based on the properties they buy or sell, so if they don’t produce, they simply won’t last. An experienced agent really knows how to work the market, and they can deliver great results. Over time, they’ll also build up a reliable network of peers, including other agents, builders, contractors, financial advisers, and more people who can help clients in the buying or selling process.

Everyone is going to want something a bit different out of their realtor, but what’s most important is finding someone who you feel comfortable working with. You, your family, and the realtor are going to work closely and work towards a pretty major life decision. You need to be able to have frank and real conversations with them. By remaining objective, they can work towards the best possible results.