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When you think of a beautiful neighborhood, you think of beautiful homes. The best-looking homes may not be the newest, but most people tend to prefer contemporary designs. Whatever your taste, and whatever tickles your fancy, there is a great option for you. Real estate all over the nation has something for everyone, and for every budget. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for in a new home, but you know that you want it to be as beautiful as your family is, there are a couple of places that will get your attention.


The Strand is a miles-long sidewalk that stretches from Redondo Beach into Malibu Beach in Los Angeles, California. The homes along this stretch of alternating sidewalk-and-boardwalk are magnificent creations of different textures and materials. Homes on the Strand usually sell for several million dollars, and almost always remain occupied. People come for the sun, the sand, and the fabulous lifestyle that you can have in the Los Angeles Beach Cities.


The iconic row of colorful, 19th-century homes in San Francisco has captured the imagination of hundreds, and made it a beloved tourist destination in the city. There are homes like the famous Painted Ladies of Steiner Street all over the city, but Steiner Street remains the most well-known and well-loved collection. If you’re looking for one of these beauties, you’ll have to look outside of that particular street, but if you have a few million to spare, you’ll be good to go!


Brooklyn has recently been declared the most expensive housing market in the country. Brooklyn has come a long way from the crime-ridden borough of the 70s, 80s, and 90s, due in part to the massive numbers of people who have moved to New York City. Along with the people, businesses have moved to the crowded city to take part in the profits that can be gotten from people looking for food or entertainment. Because of the popularity of the entire city, people have poured into Brooklyn, and more people are expected to make their way in. Brooklyn’s classic brown stones, like Philadelphia’s Rowhouses, are homes built together, side-by-side, on both sides of narrow streets.


The Rowhouses of Philadelphia exist in several places, but many of them are located close to the downtown area. The Rowhouses are how normal people in Philadelphia lived for more than a century. Like the Brownstones of Brooklyn, Philadelphia’s Rowhouses are individual units built up together. Unlike Brownstones, though, Rowhouses are more uniform in size and number of bedrooms. The neighborhoods where these historic homes are will generally be well-maintained, and tourists love to see how their forefathers lived.


Few homes are as majestic and mysterious as Victorian homes. With distinctive shapes and earthy colors, Victorian homes are in virtually every city in the country. Some homes are eligible for a special tax credit, since these historic homes may need special care from the family occupying them. A string of old-fashioned homes makes any block beautifully nostalgic.