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Choosing a home isn’t just about having enough space. It’s about making sure that you and your loved ones are safe, and comfortable; it’s about having everything that you need within a reasonable distance; and it’s about getting the most for your money. Whatever focus there is on the important things when buying a home, there will always be the fringe benefits of the area that you choose. Some places are closer to one thing, others are closer to another, but every home fits a different family for different reasons. Taking a good look at the amenities in the area where you’re living will be the first step to a happy home life in your new home.


Everyone loves parks, no matter how infrequently they may visit. Parks are the place where children run and play, and adults can do their body weight workouts, and make their cardio quota. Parks make any home more appealing because you’re that much closer to a domesticated version of Mother Nature than you may be willing to maintain. Parks are maintained by tax dollars collected from you and your neighbors by state governments, so people are looking to get their money’s worth!


Beaches have been prime real estate for most of the 20th century. There is something calming about seeing waves roll in while you sip your tea in the morning, and the air at the beach is always fresh. While beaches typically get crowded on the weekend, any waterfront real estate is the place to go for wealthy people who are less concerned about privacy, and love being able to go surfing everyday.


These nostalgic windows are beloved by many for the coziness and slight privacy for reading. Beautiful and warm, even in winter, these types of windows are prevalent in Maine and New England, but they can be found in some homes in the Mid-West. Having one in your home is a place for children to sit while dinner is prepared, and a place for guests to be comfortable.


Fitness lovers and fans of the great outdoors can’t live without nearby trails. Southern California is an outdoor paradise; whether you love the mountains or the beach, you have easy access to both. There are even trails that have a view of the beach! Imagine being able to spend the morning hiking, and lunch on the beach. Sounds like the only weekend that should be allowed.


Of particular concern to parents is the quality of area schools that are in close proximity to a neighborhood. Having an easy way to and from school is what parents want so that children who are running late don’t have to hold up the rest of the family. Being close to great schools lowers the risk of children being kidnapped, and the possibility that children will become involved with drugs and gangs. Great schools are a pillar of a great community, full of great real estate.