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Going into real estate isn’t for everyone, but for anyone that gets into the industry, it is always important to get started on the right foot. Going to college is always ideal when you go into business for yourself, but since this is an industry that doesn’t require a degree, you should be aware that you will also be left to your own devices when it comes to finding resources, and learning how to help clients. This means that you’ll have to be very good at communicating with people, quick math, and selling to people who are ready, though not eager, to buy. If you do choose to go the route of post-secondary education, you can be assured that you will have ample opportunity to learn the skills that you need to profit, and succeed as a Realtor


Majoring in business will give you the principles of how business works in the country in which you reside. Business majors may go on to business school, or they may head off to another field. There are so many great things that you can do with a business major, including heading off to law school, that it is a wonder that more people don’t choose a business major. Business will help a Realtor understand everything surrounding the specific math of how the sale of a house would work for the people who are buying the property.


Economics majors have been taught about economic theory and how markets work. Business majors learn similar principles, but economics majors are more likely to understand why some markets are more prosperous than others, and how it is that markets go up, go down, and stagnate. Economics majors will probably have a better idea of where would be a good place to get a realtor career started, as well as how to check market trends and how they can affect earnings.  


While it seems that the sciences wouldn’t have a place in real estate or in the career of a realtor, geology and geography can be useful for realtors whose focus is land development and the sale of land for residences and businesses. There is a definite advantage to knowing how to survey land, and whom to call to ask questions where the quality of the land for sale is involved. Being able to openly communicate about the possible issues facing the ground on which a property may be built will save any realtor time and stress.


Because most of a realtor’s job is moving their product, land and property, the benefits of majoring in marketing are innumerable. The ability to communicate to people in a way that they can relate, being able to reach people in the way that they most easily understand, and pushing emotional benefits in an easily-understood fashion are all traits typical of people who study marketing with the intent to enter sales. While any area of study can benefit a realtor at any point in their career, there is always more opportunity with more education.