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You’re a real estate agent who’s paid their dues, so what’s next? Next is getting into an amazing and competitive market, and making your mark! This can be done with the support of a team, or by your lonesome if you really appreciate working by yourself. Whichever your working style, you can building a great business in the larger city with pricier homes and eager buyers. There is so much to do and see in cities, neither you nor your family will hurt for things to do!


New York City is a global epicenter of music, food, and culture. In the square miles that comprise New York City, there are more languages spoken than anywhere else on Earth. New York is renown for their pizza, their museums, and their devil-may-care attitude. In this tiny place with a huge population, the real estate market is extremely competitive. New real estate is going up and old real estate coming down every day, and there isn’t much that will slip by new real estate agents. Real estate can be outrageously expensive in New York City, but that’s all part of the steep competitive edge.


2016’s most expensive city in the United States has a reputation for being home to dirt-poor artists and musicians, but has recently experienced extreme and swift gentrification, which, in turn, caused the real estate market to become more competitive for real estate agents. Some agents have thrived with the change, but many others have been forced out into other parts of the Bay Area, where there has been similar economic phenomena, but more opportunity.


From glamorous beaches to the Hollywood Walk of Fame and ritzy Rodeo Drive, the City of Los Angeles is an oasis in the desert of Southern California. Perfect weather and beach beauties draw thousands of both tourists and new residents to the Greater Los Angeles Area every year. The real estate market in Los Angeles is the oyster of anyone with the capital to flip homes. The demand for new homes is higher every year, and no one wants to be left out!


The new tech capital of the Pacific Northwest is also a cultural center of the Pac Northwest. Many people move out of congested urban centers like San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles for the slightly-slower, but steadily growing Seattle to find affordable homes. Seattle is an arts-driven city, but will soon catch up to the bigger cities in terms of affordability, making more opportunities for real estate agents.


All of the glitz and glamour and conspicuous consumption of the elite of Los Angeles seem to have found their allegiance in the amazing beaches of Miami. Known for its rich mix of culture and steadily increasing rent prices, Miami is still a paradise that people love for a yearly (or daily) escape.  


Hot dogs, Fenway Park, deep-dish pizza, and upscale dining make Chicago a great match for anyone. Chicago has several options for those looking to live it up, and everything that a family could ask for. Real estate is prime in the booming Windy City, so don’t miss an opportunity to represent beautiful properties in a place that is as busy as can be!

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