Hot Trends in Design

January 13, 2017

WHAT’S HOT IN HOME BUILDING AND DESIGN IN 2015??? The state of the art HVAC system in the Idea House can operate at a SEER rating of 28!


Did you know that the South Bay’s own City of Hermosa Beach is at the forefront of this important trend? Hermosa Beach has employed a Green Task Force to “promote a healthy environment, including green building, energy efficiency, waste reduction, sustainable transportation, water conservation, a reduced carbon footprint, and related matters” Additionally, homeowners and builders have become more environmentally aware and there has been a shift to build more eco-friendly homes, not only to take advantage of the building incentives offered by the City, but also to to their part in building a model city for the next generations.  It is more and more common to see “green” features, such as low e-windows, or solar power systems now found in the average home. Many builders are also using engineered wood for beams and trusses and installing water efficient toilets and showers as standard building practice. Another new green building trend is the application of mold resistant, anti-fungal drywall in every room. CertainTeed gypsum board achieves the best possible score of 10 for mold resistance and is GREENGUARD certified. It absorbs less than 5% water by weight after 2-hour immersion (as per ASTM C 473 testing methods). The 2014 Sunset Magazine Idea House that was featured right here in Manhattan Beach (built by Mike Davis Custom Homes) was a showcase home displaying the latest trends in eco-conscious building all within an ultra-luxury design.  Click here to read more.  

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Homeowners are also becoming quite tech savvy, and as a result, they are wanting their homes to have all the latest gadgets. Of course every room must have wi-fi and an iPod/iPad station. Builders are also adding charging stations in kitchens and entryways for telephones and iPods/iPads, as well as laptops. Most music and televisions are controlled by apps on personal mobile devices now. In addition, keyless entry seems to be the latest rage. Builders are adding fingerprint door locks or locks with pass-codes. Again, we look to the 2014 Idea House in Manhattan Beach which not only showcased the latest in “green” trends, but also the latest in gadgetry.  The home featured ‘Stealth speakers’, automated window treatments controlled by an app, a top-of-the-line Vantage home automation system, touch-less faucets, and even Kohler’s space-aged Numi toilet which features a fold-out design and an external full-color touch-screen device that controls seat temperature, water pressure, radio stations, and more. CLICK HERE to read more about the hi-tech features in the 2014 Idea House.   SAY GOODBYE TO THE LIVING ROOM Do you have a formal living room that is used ONLY for holidays? A place to put that Christmas tree? Well you are not the only one, so now builders are leaving living rooms off of plans in lieu of the “Great” room. Open floor plans are still hot and much desired. Homeowners are looking for that big open space that includes the living area, the dining area, and the kitchen, and many want that space to open up to a big outside living area. Builders are going for that indoor/outdoor space, where large glass sliders open up to the exterior with a built in fireplace and outdoor sofas–a space we like to call the “outdoor living room”. Click here for  more hot trends in home building and design in 2015! 21 great design concepts, ideas and more.