Big Tide Hitting the South Bay from Silicon Beach Expansion 

The local economy and housing market are sure to benefit from the rising tide of expansion in the area now know as “Silicon Beach”. Silicon Beach in is the Westside region of the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area generally centered around Playa Vista, and is home to over 500 tech start-up companies. By most accounts, this rapidly growing tech hub is the second largest in the world and has unlimited potential for growth. 

  It looks like the tech boom that hit LA is off and running. There is tremendous future growth potential as the tech industry evolves and becomes more integrated with other sectors such as entertainment, advertising, banking and virtually every other industry. More recently, Google’s major expansion plans with the purchase of 12 vacant acres in Playa Vista next to the historic hangar where Howard Hughes built the Spruce Goose. As Technology and Entertainment continue to merge and expand at a lightning pace, Playa Vista has emerged as a major hub. Facebook, Microsoft, Google, You Tube, and Yahoo are not alone in their expansion to this area as many other entrepreneurs are drawn to this new, vibrant community.  Engineers are being courted by the thousands as more media agencies, new start-up companies and established mega players converge. Silicon Beach is currently home to several start up incubators and a huge influx of funding. In 2013 over $500 million was raised for 94 new start-ups and 9 acquisitions. facebook, google, youtube, microsoft, yahoo 

The main impetus behind the rapid growth in LA’s tech sectors was the explosive merging of technology, with nearby Hollywood giving rise to a multitude of opportunities. Southern California undoubtedly possesses one of the most skilled local talent pools in the nation.  Playa Vista had the physical room for the corporations to nest together into this new hub of innovation while being adjacent to major freeways and major airports like LAX. These factors  greatly enhance the value to companies trying to attract the best talent to a large suburban area. This new trend will have a major impact on the Los Angeles area economy and with this new influx of investment, housing prices in the South Bay are surely to be directly affected. 

The South Bay will continue to be a strong draw to those considering advancement and new opportunities within the surge of business erupting in Silicon Beach. The proximity makes for a comfortable commute, award winning local schools provide top-notch public education for families, and the casual Southern California lifestyle is a huge draw for recreation and other past-times. Due to proximity, homes in the North End Sand Section, Tree Section, Manhattan Village and Liberty Village areas of Manhattan Beach, as well as North Redondo Beach, the Holly Glen/Del Aire sections of Hawthorne and homes in El Segundo are sure to be high on the interest list of those moving into the area riding the tide that’s hitting Silicon Beach. [metaslider id=5056] For more details, follow this link to a detailed article in the Los Angeles Times: Find out if your home is a good candidate for an incoming Silicon Beach home buyer by reaching out to a top real estate agent at Caskey and Caskey of Strand Hill Properties by connecting with us at

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